Bruce A. Fleming grew up in the Katahdin Region of Maine without cable television and before the time of the internet. Needing a way to entertain himself, Bruce became a fan of continuing television dramas and sites the crazy, over-the-top stories of Dallas and Melrose Place as his faves. The Milliken Mills series is written in that vain.

 PRESSING MATTERS                     praise.

"Bruce Fleming's           novel is              unforgettable"

George Smith, Bangor Daily News   4-18-2020

CHICK LIT CAFE says, "Pressing Matters, by Bruce A. Fleming, is an exciting whodunit that will keep you guessing to the last pages." 



Threats, blackmail, coercion, the Nolans do it all.

The lives of the Nolan family were rocked with the sudden death of one of their own. Now the reading of a will throws their world into even more chaos. Will it tear them apart for good or bring them closer together? Find out with the second book of the Milliken Mills series. (formerly titled Milliken Mills: the Aftermath.)


Power, affluence, reign, the Nolans have it all. Blackmail, manipulation, and backstabbing, the Nolans do it all. Owners of the largest newspaper company on the east coast centered in Milliken Mills, Maine, the Nolans fight the changing times and themselves. But how far will they go? At this year’s annual company bash, someone ends up dead.

The first book in the series. (Formerly titled Milliken Mills: The Nolans) 



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